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April 2015 – MUTABILIS is now a member of the BEAM Alliance.

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MUTABILIS is now a member of the newly launched Alliance of Biotechs of Europe innovating in Anti-Microbial Resistance, called the BEAM Alliance. This group of European biotechnology companies is committed to tackling the unique challenges facing the industry in the antibacterial field and currently regroups 34 companies from 10 European countries.


BEAM Alliance


The BEAM will work to improve the regulatory, investment, and commercial environment for research, development, and approval of new products combating antimicrobial resistance, as well as their market viability. The Alliance intends to provide a collective voice to biotech companies involved in developing innovative products to tackle antimicrobial resistance. By proposing and supporting policies and regulatory solutions to member-identified problems, we aim to reinforce the attractiveness of this therapeutic area, support the development of new products and accelerate the market access of such new products for European patients.



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